Meat World Media Statement

In response to an insert aired on current affairs programme Carte Blanche on Sunday, 24th September 2017, Meat World is conducting a wholescale investigation into 14 of its stores across Gauteng, North West and Mpumalanga.  Read more …


The Red Meat Industry Forum has noted with concern the content of the Carte Blanche report in regard to some Meat World branches allegedly re-labelling expired meat products and unacceptable levels of E.Coli found in tested products. Food premises are regulated by R962 (dated Nov 2012) of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, 1972 (Act 54 of 1972) under the mandate of the Department of Health. These regulations are applied by local and municipal authorities through Environmental Health Practitioners visiting the premises and issuing Certificates of Acceptability (R362) to ensure compliance to these guidelines. It is expected of the person in charge to follow the best available methods to evaluate food hygiene standards. These regulations do provide for repacking products under specified circumstances.  Read more …

Rural Crime Conference 2017

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2017 National Cattle & Sheep Farmer of the Year Competition

Attached are the nomination forms for the 2017 National Cattle & Sheep Farmer of the Year Competition.  Please note that the closing date for entries is 8 September 2017.

2017 Nasionale Bees- en Skaapboer van die Jaar Kompetisie

Nominasie vorms vir die 2017 Nasionale Bees- en Skaapboer van die Jaar Kompetisie.  Let asb. daarop dat die sluitingdatum 8 September 2017 is. 

NAMC Welcomes newly appointed Council Members

On 20 June, the NAMC held an induction for its the newly appointed Council. The induction comes after the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Senzeni Zokwana appointed 10 new members to the Council after the previous board term expired. In his maiden speech Professor P.K. Chauke as Chairman of the board, noted the confidence expressed by the Minister on his appointment to lead the NAMC. ‘Mine is not to dictate but to act and decide collectively as Council in the best interest of the sector and the NAMC’ he said. He applauded the work done by the previous board and looked to build on it.

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Congratulations SA Farmers. Government: Now leave us alone!

Congratulations SA Farmers.  Government:  Now leave us alone!


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MEDIA RELEASE:  Congratulations SA Farmers.  Government:  Now leave us alone!

Issued by:                    TAU SA

Enquiries:                    Mr Louis Meintjes, President TAU SA, Cell.: 082 461 7262

                                    Mr Bennie van Zyl, General Manager TAU SA, Cell.: 082 466 4470

Date:                            Thursday, June 8, 2017

The South African agricultural sector was not a contributing factor to the recession the country currently has to contend with, and TAU SA would like to congratulate the entire agricultural sector and in particular all farmers for the remarkable achievement of growing the agricultural sector by an astounding 22%, whilst other sectors are experiencing unfavourable conditions.

TAU SA President, Mr. Louis Meintjes, affirms that this notable achievement is a feather in the cap of the agricultural sector and clearly indicates the resolve of agriculturalists, which remains, in spite of climatological and political challenges, one of only two sectors indicating growth while the rest languish in recession.

“This pertinent information follows on the heels of President Jacob Zuma’s acknowledgement that land claimants are not interested in gaining access to land, rather, the vast majority; prefer to settle land claims on a financial basis.

“Perhaps the time has come for government to steer the country on a path of growth, to shake off the stigma and untenable situation of junk status and to restore law and order instead of persistently piloting attacks against farmers and their land whilst it is clear that the so called ‘land hunger’ does not exist, and is merely a ‘money hunger’ in disguise; all this whilst the commercial farmer is practically the only group still achieving economic success, over and above the fact that they still put food on South Africa’s table every single day.

“It is therefore high time that the government refrain from throwing political threats at the door of agriculturalists and leave farmers alone to do what they do best,” said Mr. Meintjes.


MEDIAVERKLARING:  Wel gedaan boere.  Regering:  Los ons nou uit!

Uitgereik deur:             TLU SA

Navrae:                         Mnr Louis Meintjes, President TLU SA, Sel.: 082 461 7262

                                    Mnr Bennie van Zyl, Hoofbestuurder TLU SA, Sel.: 082 466 4470

Datum:                         Donderdag, 8 Junie 2017

Die Suid-Afrikaanse landboubedryf was nie aandadig aan die resessie waarin die land hom tans begeef nie, en TLU SA wil die hele landboubedryf en alle boere gelukwens met die prestasie om die landbousektor te laat groei met meer as 22%, terwyl dit met die res van die land sleg gaan.

Mnr. Louis Meintjes, President van TLU SA, sê hierdie is ‘n merkwaardige pluimpie vir die landboubedryf en wys op die deursettingsvermoë van boere om ten spyte van klimatologiese en politieke probleme, steeds een van twee sektore is wat groei terwyl die land in resessie verkeer.

“Hierdie inligting volg kort op die hakke van pres. Jacob Zuma se erkenning dat grondeisers nie in grond belangstel nie, maar dat die meerderheid grondeise op finansiële basis skik.

“Dalk het dit nou vir die regering tyd geword om te kyk wat hy kan doen om die land weer op pad na groei te bring, om die rommelstatus af te skud en wet en orde te herstel, in plaas daarvan om gedurig ‘n aanval op die boere en hulle grond te loods, terwyl dit duidelik is dat die sogenaamde grondhonger nie werklik bestaan nie maar eerder ‘n geldhonger is, terwyl die bestaande kommersiële boere feitlik die enigste is wat nog ekonomiese sukses behaal, bo en behalwe die feit dat hulle steeds kos op die tafel sit.

“Daarom word dit tyd dat die regering die boere uitlos en toelaat om te boer, sonder om politieke bedreigings voor hulle op te stapel,” sê mnr. Meintjes.



The fact that the new minister of finance seems to be nonchalant about the country’s newly acquired junk status as well as the fact that president Zuma refuses to address the issue, is shocking and indicates an absolute ignorance of the impact thereof on consumers and the poor, says the President of TAU SA, Mr Louis Meintjes.

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